Samsung Concedes Top Slot to Micromax in Indian Market

February 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A decade ago, no one thought that Samsung’s mobile business would be outrunning Nokia, and climb on to the No.1 position in the Indian market. A few years later the same feeling was iterated when another company managed to do good business.

The inevitable has happened. When Micromax got its birth, none would have thought the Indian company to be even a match for the South Korean giant.

But it has actually happened. We have a new ruler among smartphones for the Indian market. The Haryana based company is now the leader in the country’s smartphone business.


For the last quarter sales of 2014, Micromax accounted for around 22 % (4.6 million units). Previous leaders stood behind although only on marginal terms and held a share of 20% (4.4 million units) sales in the market.

They were followed by two other Indian companies, Karbonn (2 milion units) and Lava (1.5 million units).

Research firm Canalys, who has revealed the numbers, has said that Micromax has become successful in appealing the customers in search for their first smartphone, which is believed to be the main reason for their surge.

Around two-thirds of the country’s mobile phone sales are of the entry-level & mid-range segment , which is where Micromax has capitalized with their wide array of similar segment smartphones.

The fourth quarter also witnessed a big rise in the total smartphone sales from the same period of last year.  Total sales of 21.6 million units were carried out in Q4, 2014, which is a rise from the previous year by around 90%.

The Indian market is also the second largest mobile market, standing next only to China.

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