Locate Misplaced Devices Digitally with the New Pixie Point Bluetooth Beacon

February 4, 2015, By Alex Badinici

Digital beacons have made life easier for us, but only to an extent. That extent depends on the range within which your device has been misplaced.

Unless you have it within the range, these would remain to be of no use. Expanding the range has been a feasible solution, and now Pixie has come up with a new remedy with their new device called Pixie Point.

The one we talk about here is a tiny Bluetooth beacon that may not be required to be attached like any key rings. Just slap the guitar pick-resembling gadget to your devices and it works out even better than just going beep when it comes near your smartphone.


It does require integration with your smartphone like the rest, but once done, just swing your smartphone around the area and it will have the precise location marked in camera footages.

Developers claim that Pixie Point is not just a proximity device, in fact measures the distance between the smartphone and your Pixie Point-attached device.

That’s the reason why it literally ‘displays’ your item ‘live’ within the smartphone, unlike just sending out beeps. That’s just one of its outstripped functionalities. The best part is how it extends its detection range with the addition of another Pixie Point unit.


Each Pixie Point beacon is able to mutually integrate, which in turn integrates it with your smartphone even if out of range.

The more the units, the better the range it would be covering. Your smartphone needn’t be directly engaged to a Pixie Point unit if having more than one integrated with your smartphone, and also without any deviation from its precision.

For a single device, Pixie Point will stay connected with your smartphone for a distance of up to 50 meters indoors, and up to 150 meters on outdoors.

The device has a life of up to 18 months and offers water-resistance. Further, it is also UV-coated to keep the hardware inside it intact.

Pixie will be shipping the units this summer and offers a pre-launch sale offer pack of $40 for four units. The prices will go up to $30 for a single unit once it makes the official entry to the markets.

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