Uber May Drive into Autonomous Vehicle Terrain; New Robotic Facility Hints at That

February 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Uber Taxi has been a dominating name among ride-hailing companies, but their journey has never been smooth. Persistent antipathy has been standing in their way as the lumber blocks, which comes in the form of regulators, stiffer rival companies and even the press.

But the San Francisco Company now seems to be unbending and is now on track to head their services to higher platforms.

The visible result of their effort is the new robotic research facility being set up at Pittsburgh. Joining hands with Carnegie Mellon University, Uber will be opening a new centre with an aim on nurturing the long-term future technologies to make rides safe and reliable.


Speculations are that the new tie-up has been called in for driving their services to the field of autonomous vehicles.

Insider reports reveal that the company has been aiming for developments in mapping, vehicle safety and autonomy technology. Techcrunch has also reported the developments to be intended for “kick-starting the fleet of autonomous taxis”.

Research analysts have supported the view, saying that it would only broaden the current gap between their rivals if the new move turns real in the short term.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had earlier voiced his interest about autonomous technology and how it could help them bring down the costs. With all these in the pot, they might certainly come up with self-driving taxis in a year from now, which also would be taking them to confront companies that are already stepping toward autonomous technology. And that does include Google.


Uber’s relation with Google, which was previously believed to be bonded deep, has now been taking the shape of a feud. Although Uber’s self-driving taxis may not be a direct take against the Google self-driving car, it seems like the latter has decided to step-in for a direct confrontation.

News is that Google’s self-driving cars will be put up for ride-hailing services, much similar to the services offered by Uber. Nothing is near to a confirmation.

However, the two have never hid their admiration for the advancements; be that in the autonomous car field or with the public transportation services.

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