New App on Apple Watch Would Allow One-touch Control for Your Tesla Car

February 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

During the CES 2015 event last month, we witnessed a sounding tie-up between Audi and LG that had Audi’s automobile accessible by means of LG smartwatches. Following up on similar terms are car manufacturers Tesla and computing giants Apple.

But wait; both of them haven’t actually shook hands until now. In fact, bringing the unique bondage between Tesla automotives and an Apple Watch is an app that has been created by a third-party developer.

Ukraine-based Eleks Labs is behind this unofficial bridging. Their new app is designed so as to bring touch control to the Tesla Model S car using the Apple Watch.


It’s a long way ahead though, in case you want to rush to try it out yourself. We have the Apple Watch coming out to the public only by April and thus, it would still be a long wait to check out the app and its full function.

The developers have built the app using an unofficial back-end API of Tesla, the one which has been reverse engineered from the original Tesla API. But cracking down the Apple WatchKit was the one that proved to be the stumbling block for the developers.

Apple’s WatchKit as per Eleks, doesn’t offer the access to many of its hardware like accelerometer, gyroscope and microphones. Further, the company has also said the SDK was very difficult as the functions announced during its launch haven’t yet been made fully available for business developers.

However, Eleks has still managed to push in some utility functions that can be accessible by means of simple touches in Apple Watch. Those include locking and unlocking the Tesla, headlight control, mileage and battery info etc.

Esleks has said that they would be publishing the app when the Apple Watch comes out; though with the app being initially eyed for the demonstration of Apple Watch capabilities for designing brand apps.

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