Microsoft Windows 10 Lumia Phones Set for March Debut

January 31, 2015, By Alex Badinici

We have just passed through the consumer face revelation of the Microsoft Windows 10 in the earlier weeks of January.

And then there is this mega mobile event of Mobile World Congress coming this March at Barcelona. Speculations for a new Lumia smartphone cannot be much far away when blending these two facts.

Expectation is that Microsoft might be announcing the new Windows 10 operated smartphone this year. And they couldn’t get a better event than the yearly MWC event in Barcelona to do that.

Last year, it was on the same occasion that they launched the Lumia 930 smartphones.


Early speculations now are that Microsoft is planning the launch of not just one, but two Lumia smartphones. But unlike much of the expectation, it wouldn’t be a premium flagship phone.

Instead, Microsoft will be sticking to the entry-level and mid-range segments to find a place for their new smartphones. However, the Windows 10 operation can be quite expected to debut in these smartphones.

Lumia 830 is one among the two that is being rumored. Codenamed RSM-1072, the smartphone is expected to feature some entry level and mid range specs like 5 inch display with a 720p resolution, Qualcomm quad-core SoC, 8.7 MP camera and 8 GB on-board storage.

Although with the Lumia launch still under the shadow of speculations, it’s still confirmed that we would be witnessing the Windows 10 performance on a smartphone, even if not with Lumia.

Acer has confirmed that they would debut their Windows 10 smartphone this year at the MWC. The event would be taking place during March 2-5.

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