Xiaomi Mi4 Arrives in India; But Pricing Could Make Buyers Hesitant

January 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The much awaited Mi4 has finally landed in India as promised by Xiaomi earlier. However, things have taken a weird turn this time.

No, it is not that Xiaomi has failed to comply with its stupendous spec offering. But this time with the new flagship, Xiaomi might have just pushed their device to be a vaguely overpriced one.

Mi4 is a beast indeed, going by the hardware specs. But what has been altered this time is the pricing. Earlier, it was the so-called Chinese Apple who themselves set the new price ranges for some jaw dropping specs. And now it seems like they are re-writing their strategy. A little comparison with its previous flagship phone would help elicit the details.


As mentioned before, Mi4 does offer some high-end specs under its hood. But a gasp at Mi3 would make you recognize that the bars have been raised only slightly by Xiaomi.

Mi4 differs by nothing in terms of the camera specs or storage specs. We have the same 13 MP front shooter, a 5 MP rear shooter, and the 16 GB un-expandable inbuilt storage, as was previously seen in Mi3. The 5-inch Full HD display is also not novel.

The one that makes the difference here is the design, the slightly over-clocked processor, and the RAM. Mi4 has left behind the sharp edges of Mi3 for a curvy one. But criticisms are that it has just become an alter-ego of the Apple iPhone with its front face, and that of a Samsung smartphone when seen from rear. Although, it still features a stainless steel frame.

Come to its core and we have the same Snapdragon 801 chipset, but this time with a better clocked processor. While Mi3 had a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, Mi4 will be featuring the standard variant of the 801 SoC; the 2.5 GHz clocked quad-core processor. It also offers a hike in its RAM. 3 GB is what it offers now, while it was only 2 GB in the previous model.

But there ends the variations. Xiaomi has even failed to induce the 4G LTE feature, which could certainly be a big miss in the coming days. There has only been a trivial hike in terms of the battery. The rest is all the same as it was with Mi3 except for the pricing, which certainly is the biggest variation from all.

Xiaomi brings in the Mi4 for a price of INR 19,999. Back when they made the debut with Mi3, the most noted feature was the pricing of its high-end device, which won’t be the alluring factor this time.

A marginal hike in the processing speeds and RAM alone is not what you would expect when you pay Rs 6,000 extra. While there is a 64 GB variant available in the home market of Xiaomi, the Indian markets will only be loaded with the 16 GB variant, which eventually will leave its users displeased with the net 12 or 13 GB storage it can offer.


With Mi4, Xiaomi has also come out distinctive among the rest. There wasn’t any phone available to match up with the specs and pricing of their Redmi and Mi3 devices when at the time of their launch.

But when now Mi4 is gearing up to mark its first sale, users could run their eyes through a handful of smartphones, like Huawei Honor 6, Lenovo Vibe X2 etc. and each falling under the similar price bracket.

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