Bluewire Smart Bluetooth Headset Can Record Two-Way Communications from your Audio and Video Calls

January 29, 2015, By Alex Badinici

It’s not a big deal to record an audio or video call from both ends. You can do it with any recording app. But when it comes to headsets that can record, it’s a big deal indeed.

You may barely find a Bluetooth headset that can record calls from either side. BlueWire is the one you should now own.

We are not speaking of any app-supported recording and are highlighting the stand-alone recording features of this Bluetooth headset. It requires an app only for transferring the recorded files to your PC or other devices.


Bluewire headset is certainly one of its kind – it  lets you record voices from normal audio calls to Skype or FaceTime video chats. You could also make use of this device to record voice notes of up to 5 minute duration. All these files will be stored in the 16 GB inbuilt storage that has been dedicated for audio files.

The next good part is that you may not have to rely solely on this mono-speaker device to carry out calls and handle recording at the same time; all thanks to its Bluetooth integration with your smartphone.

Plug in any other headset device and carry out the calls, Bluewire will continue its recording feature even if it’s not allowed to function in your ears during the call.

You also needn’t worry of any possible mishap of this device. Easily attachable to key rings, this device can be alarmed by just a single tap on your smartphone app.

bluewire - features

That goes either way. Let your smartphone be the one that’s misplaced and you could ring your smartphone by just a tap on your Bluewire headset. It also comes with NFC and accelerometer sensors.

Currently, the Bluewire is running the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, where it is set for a goal of $40,000. And with almost a month remaining, the device has already raised above $28,000.

The device will be available for $269 after it enters retail production, which will be by around July this year.

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