LastPass Now Arrives as a Discreet App for Mac Users

January 23, 2015, By Alex Badinici

Not everyone likes to stick on to their browsers to toggle with their password managing features. That was essentially understood by LastPass as they have now finally decided to roll out a specific app for its services.

The new LastPass is a redesigned app that runs throughout in your app-dock. Earlier, the password managing services were available only as browser plug-in, which was deemed as ‘inconvenient for many’ by Joe Siegrist, CEO and co-founder of LastPass.

There are also some new exclusive features that come along with the app version; a quick-search function and a feature called ‘The Security Challenge’.


While it’s all about password managing in LastPass services, the new quick-search feature will offer you a search bar for navigating through the login information, including passwords and other secure data.

Users could trigger the quick-search bar by using Shift+Command+L shortcut, or from the menu bar icon coming within the app.

The Security Challenge feature in the Mac app will let you replace a weaker and insecure password after having automatic analyzing of the input password by the app.

On determining the strength of the password, the app will instantly replace the given one with a new one if it finds that one weak.

The LastPass app can also be integrated with your Safari browsers with an add-on for the latter. Available for free in the app stores, LastPass also offers some enhanced features if you go ahead and subscribe for $12 a year.

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