British Police Arrest 18-Year-Old Guy for Causing ‘Christmas Day Blackout’ in PlayStation and Xbox Networks

January 17, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

So, it finally seems like we do have a confirmed culprit who was behind the holiday season blackout in PSN and Xbox networks. The British Police, on Friday morning, arrested an 18-year old guy from Merseyside County in Northwest England.

He is believed to be behind the Xbox and PS network attacks which took place during the Christmas day.

The guy was arrested as a part of the ongoing investigations, on charges of ‘suspicion of unauthorized access to computer material’ and for his threats to kill, charged under swatting offences –  which includes false reporting of a crime that prompts a mobilization of the SWAT team. The suspect’s identity has not yet been disclosed by the police officials.


An official was reported to have said that the investigation is still in early stages, and that UK Police will be working together with FBI for identifying and seizing the ones who have committed the offences.

Lizard Squad, the hacking group, which has been identified as the one behind an earlier PlayStation Network attack, initially claimed the responsibility for the Christmas day attacks, which led to loading and runtime errors in the consoles, and thus spoiling the holiday season gaming of millions.

Sony and Microsoft responded quickly after restoring the networks by extending the holiday season exclusive offers. Several game titles also joined hands with similar plans after the gamers were unable to access their Christmas day exclusive offers.

It’s also co-incidental that the attacks took place only days after the controversial movie, “The Interview”, made its limited screen release across the US.

Earlier, a group believed to be from North Korea, carried out a hack attack on Sony Entertainment’s network, which leaked many of its confidential content out to the public. Following the events, Sony had to withdraw the large scale release of “The Interview”.

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