Google Translate App Update Makes Conversations Flow More Natural and Faster

January 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s almost a year since they last rolled out their last update. Google has now made their latest update worth the entire wait.

A new update is to be rolled out for the Google Translate app, aimed at facilitating multi-language conversations in a never-before manner.

The prominent among them is the new Babel Fish service, which can handle languages on its own. Probably, one space where conversation turns out to be a mess is with the process of having your translation done. With the new update, that would be something that would be going with the flow, requiring absolutely zero effort from you during the conversation.


Google Translate will now have the languages understood by itself. You just need to tap the microphone to spell out what’s in your mind and Google will do the rest after grasping the language spoken. The same can be done with the other babbler, after which Google will automatically recognize who is speaking what.

Barak Turovsky, product lead on Google Translate, has said that the new update has been aimed to make the conversation flow faster and more natural. Google has been in the works for the this since 2013 with the real-time conversation mode.

The update will also come with a new feature, which will be handy for travelers making their way across countries. Google Translate will now have the feature of translating the words and symbols on signboards along roads or at restaurants with the help of your smartphone camera.

Point your camera at these signboards after entering through the app, and Google will have it translated to you in a matter of seconds.

Google will be rolling out the new update to Android and iOS days in a few days. Around 500 million users bring their conversations alive with the help of Google Translate, which handles around 36 languages in the speech mode.

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