Is Your HTC One Heating Up?  Counter it With These Steps

January 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC One M7, more commonly known as HTC One, is essentially the beast among smartphones. One could barely pass through a benchmarking app which hasn’t put the HTC one top of the performance-wise list. Yet with all its goodies, M7 has been giving worries to its users by the way it gets heated up.

Well it’s indeed quite hard to skip through the heating issues when delivering such a massive performance. However, complaints of yellow spots on the display have been a negative factor. Quite a concern it is, but reports of such cases across the blogs and forums are of least in its counts.

However, if you are still wavering over the heating issues even without the appearance of such smudges, you could certainly try out some of the ‘habitual workouts’ to your smartphone so that the heating effect is brought down, at least in marginal terms.

Before you move forward with the efforts, always be reminded that heating concerns are indeed customary to smartphones and never a cause of worry unless it is perceived with some noticeable alterations, like the one which was mentioned before.


Android has always remained the breeding ground for multitasking. But the more you try them out, the more your phone sweats it out in the form of heat. It’s better you keep a track on the apps that consumes more power. You could pick them by just going to Settings>Power>Usage from your HTC One. Apps that are detected to be consuming more could be kept away from your smartphones.

Turning off the automatic syncing can also bring down the work rate for your M7, which eventually can bring down the heating. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram carry out their tasks with the help of automatic syncing, with an update often being triggered on a minute basis.

Also one of the best ways to offer a bit of cooling for your HTC would be by turning on the Power Saving mode. Make sure you turn on the facilities like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi  only when required. Apps that require these connections are often deemed to be the power-eaters. Skype, Magic Jack and the like are some of the apps that consume a heavy share of RAM as well as battery.

Not everything that relates to the heating issue arises from the inside of your HTC One. It could also be out of the casings. Some of them can cut down the air circulation, allowing the smartphone to be heated more. You need to try removing such casings.

You can also go for the factory reset option if your device heats up beyond the tolerable level. And even if that doesn’t work out, stay cool. The Android L update is nearing its stage for being rolled out to the HTC One M7. The updated OS version is sure expected to be the remedy for the heating issue, alongside bringing the tweaks for other bugs and crashes.

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