Apple iPhone 5 Tops the List of Most Favorite Smartphones among Flickr Users

January 13, 2015, By Alex Badinici

Image hosting site Flickr has come up with a list of top cameras used by their users for the year 2014. And, keeping its legacy from the previous year’s success are Canon and Apple, which are the most used camera and smartphone respectively, on Flickr.

As revealed by PetaPixel, Canon tops the list of most-used devices on Flickr, with 13.6% of the Flickr posts coming from the Canon devices.

Well, the second place is enjoyed by a big name indeed, but not quite from the photography world; thanks to the ‘smart revolution’.

Apple is the one that holds the second spot in the list, with around 9.6% of the Flickr images being shared from Apple devices.


Those familiar with the trends in Flick might indeed be dropping their jaws for seeing the Cupertino based company holding the second spot.

Not by wondering how their smartphone devices eased past big names in the photographic world, but for seeing them dropped to second spot from last year. Back in 2013, Apple dominated the most used camera list in Flickr while Canon, the current leaders, stood right behind Apple.

Though in the second spot, Apple can sure have a big smile as they have yet again swept the top three spots for the most used smartphone among Flickr users. As much as 10.6% of the images came out of the iPhone 5, while iPhone 4S images contributed to around 7% of the smartphone imageries.

Standing third was the iPhone 5c, which held only 2% of the total smartphone images; a number which is higher when compared to the mere 1.2% of Samsung devices.

Omission of iPhone 6 may have come as a surprise, but is well justified by the second half release of the latest from Apple. With a share of 1%, iPhone 6 devices stands seventh in the list of smartphones, followed by iPad and iPad Mini with 0.8% and 0.6% respectively.

Apple’s arch rival Samsung would indeed find the new list to be upsetting. If not in the smartphone arena, Samsung has been pushed two places beyond Apple devices in the list of cameras as Nikon captures the third spot with 9.3%.

It’s a close call between the second and third spot, but not for the fourth as Samsung devices account for only 5.6% of the total images posted on Flickr. Certainly that’s something to boast for Apple with its camera front, which was earlier praised after the revelation of its support for 4K video capture.

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