HTC Adds Live YouTube Streaming to RE Camera; Gets Rid of its “Awful” Tag

January 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cameras these days essentially must not be solely dedicated to only snapping pictures. The sagacity must be that they must possess the power of internet, to the least, thus by supporting a wide range of features and apps that can boast its functioning.

Manufacturers have been striving to get off-centre features to their devices, but well-known electronic manufacturer HTC remained numb to the concerns with their RE Camera.

However, their poise hit the rock bottom with the responses from the consumers. And now finally, we have the Taiwanese manufacturers opening their eyes to make their tiny camera go beyond the normal photo-shoots.


HTC on Thursday has announced that the RE Cameras would be now supporting live YouTube streaming to usher its functionality. A free update to the RE app in Android devices will let the users share the live videos to the world around.

Users are required to live streaming feature for the YouTube channel in your RE app. The rest is just as simple as you could get.

Live footages will be transferred from your RE Camera to your Android device, which then activates the live broadcasting of the recorder footage. The link will be available for streaming even when not accessed during the live moment.

Currently the service would be available on for Android users, while HTC has also mentioned that the iOS update will be rolled out later in the first quarter of 2015.

The YouTube live streaming feature, a first in any of the devices in the segment, can definitely be the boost for the tiny camera, which has been lagging in the markets with rivalry from more handy products like Go Pro.

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