Being an Entrepreneur is Tough, But Not with These Tech Gadgets in Your Hand

January 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For all the tech enthusiasts, CES is a great platform to visit. For, it’s the largest trade expo that brings in a wide range of products under the limelight for the first time.

Just like it becomes handy for all the consumers, entrepreneurs seeking to reach heights with their startups can also have a grasp at the products there.

This time around too, CES hasn’t disappointed. A wide range of products have been pushed to the frontline, with a handful of them proving to be of utility for the business-oriented ones. Listed here is a few among those which could be quite perky for the business owners.

One thing that keeps an entrepreneur going is his laptop. And the one that keeps his laptop going is its battery. But what keeps that running? Essentially, the charger!


In a fast paced world, one may have to move across locations for dealing with their business activities. And it can be quite a hefty inconvenience when he is supposed to carry the bulky chargers along. Never worry, CES 2015 has opened up the right alternatives – sleek, lightweight laptop chargers.

Zolt 3-in-1 chargers are under the limelight at CES 2015. With a size that could well fit even inside your pockets, Zolt chargers not just give the power boost to your laptops, but also to smartphones and tablets at the same time. Priced at $99, these ultra-small chargers are now available at $79 if you place pre-orders.

That’s not the sole option you could check out.  Dart laptop chargers from FINsix also falls under the same category, and are priced at $89.

Well it might be indeed a mess for you to sort out which one among these is the smallest, as both the chargers are being billed currently as the world’s smallest laptop chargers.

The next thing an entrepreneur must want to check out are options that help in never missing out on the important notes or contacts or anything which he comes across in his business activities. What’s more convenient than a simple ball-point pen to track down those!

But chances are that you may be running to find out where you have scribbled down that info. Make sure you have the LiveScribe 3 Smartpen and you could get rid of those worries.


Writing down notes or drawings on the LiveScribe paper will trace the same on the Android or iOS app, so that you never miss out on what you have written with this pen. The device is available for $149.95 on the company website .

Another gadget we found interesting is the Juicebox, which is a perfect protective casing that could prevent your MacBook chargers from wearing out. The casing will be ready for shipping by the end of this year and you could place your pre-orders now from the website for $19.99.

Of course, you won’t be smart until you have someone who keeps a record of the receipts. NeatConnect is one. Scanning the receipts and categorizing it based on expenses, keeping an eye on the tax records, and instant access to upload and share features. This smart scanning machine is available for $499.95 at their website.

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