Butt, Seriously! Capture Pictures of Your Rear with the Belfie Stick

January 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, well, well.  So now we have someone who has prioritized the butt-capture phenomenon. And just when we thought selfie sticks to be the least interesting of innovations, folks at image social networking site of On.com are making us rework our conclusions.

Belfie Stick is one of a kind device from them, at least as of now. Yes it’s a selfie stick, just like the normal ones, except that these sticks are not supposed to capture the frontal charm of yours.

In fact what it eyes is to frame your rear assets in a pretty snap. These sticks are intended to capture belfies, or behind-selfies. So now you have reason to upload your butt pictures on the social networking sites!

It’s not any mockery product, as the developers are quite serious about how it wants to excel. And why shouldn’t they be?


Selfie phenomenon has never been on peril and are flying around to bring capture the front cam portraits on a fresh note; of which the belfies and also groupfies are a part of.

A while ago, who would have even thought a stick that supports nothing other than just snapping self-portraits would flourish in the market? Just like that, the new Belfie Stick may also be making a mark of its own.

In its design, the Belfie Stick is more of a bent selfie stick that has been angled to exact measures for capturing the bum-selfies in the way it has to be.

Well certainly, behind-selfies are not something new and those who have stepped in to the arena might surely know how strenuous it would be to capture your rear assets in the exact shape and pose you desire.

Aiding the Belfie stick for its self-timed butt-capture photo-shoot is a shutter-trigger button that integrates with the camera by Bluetooth technology.

As with the product, it’s fair to say that they have kept the design so as to meet the demands. But are  those demands really high in number? The creators say yes.

Belfie Stick website has put up pre-orders for a price of $79.99, and that’s just because they have ran out of stock at present. Let’s hope the ones that have placed an order don’t end up victims of pranks.

For those of you who have grown tired of your clicking just your selfies, it’s time to put your rear in focus. This gear’s gonna fill your walls with killer rear! Keep them coming. Bring out the Kim Kadarshian in you with those Belfies!

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