Artificial Intelligence is Stealing the Show at CES 2015

January 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Consumers always tend to seek novelty whenever they visit a trade expo. And at the biggest trade expo of them all, there can be no excuses for manufacturers for not coming up with something unique.

CES 2015 has been amusing the visitors by showcasing advancements in drone technology and home automations. So far, it has certainly achieved the feat with those devices, but the real show-stealers are from unexpected territory.

What surprises the visitors is the robotic segment, which with the help of smart technology, is making its way open to enter households in a big way.

CES 2015 has presented a bunch of nifty products that runs on artificial intelligence. Of them, some tend to travel the multi tasking lane, and some are dedicated for handy purposes. They range from simple, yet needy tasks of exchanging wishes and greetings to being your personal robotic gardener.


Droplet is the name of one of the robots on display and it carries out the latter in the aforementioned. It’s a sprinkler, for watering your garden with the aid of internet technology. It is smart, as it can sprinkle based on the weather.

If it’s to rain that day, the robotic sprinkler may not be giving a thought on carrying out its task.   Robotics not just lend their hand in gardening, but also in all your day-to-day requirements.

You all know cooking is being taken over by smart ovens and much more. But all these smart technologies don’t come in handy when it comes to cleaning up the mess from your grilled barbecue. Grillbot is the one that can help you with that.

A button tap on the device would have your barbecue cleaned in quick time, with the high-powered motors and wire brushes attached to it.

There are also a handful of robots that have been designed to help out the little kids. While some may help with coding among the kids, the rest helps in keeping track of them, or being the interactive source of information.

Furo i-Home is one such device with a tablet attached to it as a facial attribute. It also works for parents, like reminding them with tasks like having medicine, waking up early, and following a schedule.


Bocco, another robot, has been designed to exchange voice notes to your dear ones. Add a sensor and it would inform you when your loved ones have reached home. You may not have to dial up the numbers to know whether your children have reached home safely.

These form only a minor fraction of the AI devices which are dominating the CES this time. There are also a bunch of playful ones. Empire Robotics has a perky robot that has been mastered with the game of beer pong. Speak of self defense features and Intel has got one; the spider dress. No that won’t be transforming you to Spider Man, but would rescue you when there is a threat, by expanding its limbs like a spider.

Robotics has indeed come up with a surprise this season, taking over the drones and Smart TVs at the expo. No wonder why consumers are flocking to the AI counters.

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