Audi’s Future Cars May Come Controlled by LG Smart Watch

January 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Just when everyone thought smartwatches will be stepping away from tradeshows this year, LG has showed up with a brilliant piece of work at the CES.

The company has certainly pushed its smart watch to the masses just when all thought that the CES would be a feast of virtual reality devices and home automations. And, pairing up with the company is none other than Audi.

So what exactly does the smart watch intend to bring out in collaboration with the German car manufacturer? The answer would definitely point towards a unanimous thought: an automotive that is controlled by means of a smartwatch.

Yes, it does intend to control the car with taps on your wrists and that’s not all. The smart watch has been integrated to an Audi Prologue self-driving car. That means future driving will involve only some taps and touches on your wrists. How cool would that be!


The newly-announced smartwatch resembles LG’s G Watch R. But the analogy ends here. The rest are the handiworks of Audi, which includes a metal face, leather strap and an entirely new user interface.

And as seen in the much of the modern-day gadgets, it’s the NFC technology that lets the smartwatch establish the communication with the automotive.

With the connection established, you could perform a handful of tasks, or the entire tasks on the car with your smartwatch. Opening the doors, starting the engine, climate controls, media controls and what not!

The collaborative smartwatch will do anything you wish to do, well, at least that which is practically possible by a four-wheel vehicle.

The device is under development and is tested to find out the exact usage of smartwatch technology into Audi’s automotives. The work as of now includes turning the engine ignition on and a bit more, which was demonstrated at CES  a while ago.

Nissan has had a similar vision back in 2013 when they announced their Nismo smart watches. But since making the news at the time of announcement, Nissan had barely turned its attention back to it. However, that may change now with the new announcement from Audi. We just hope it happens certainly for the good of both.

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