Music and Fitness Tracker on Your Ears; Parrot Zik Sport Headset has the Athlete in Mind

January 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, at least some of you might have thought fitness tracking devices mean those that are confined around your arms or legs. Think again.

Parrot is taking some big steps on that terrain with the new Zik Sport headset. It not only fits around your ear to deliver music, but also carries out the fitness tracking jobs to keep you healthy.

The French drone manufacturers have indeed crafted a sublime innovation with the Zik Sport. Picking up all of the features from its Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones, what they have done is just add some further cool features so to make it one among the best in line today.


It has also shed around 200 gram of weight compared to its predecessor, thus making the new arrival a light-weight rig that can rest on your earlobes with ease.

Zik Sport has packed in all the features from its predecessor, including the stunning active noise cancellation, customizable equalizations, and street mode function to let-in the street noises. Those features essentially make it friendly for an athlete, but with the new fitness tracking features, it’s pretty sure that one may not want to miss out on this perky headset when on a sprint.

Zik Sport comes with built-in heart rate monitor sensors that are placed beneath the ear buds. The biometric sensor keeps an eye on the modulation of the blood that runs through ear canal, thus by tracking the heart rate.


There is also a built-in accelerometer that can keep a track of your footsteps, be that while on a jog, sprint or walk.  Bluetooth connection with smartphone or tablet will let the app by Parrot to integrate with your headphone, which would result in further data analysis of your motion.

The design has also been made friendly for your ears with the sweat-resistant headband that vastly reduces the soreness that could arise out of the pressure from the normal in-ear buds. Special focus has indeed been put in for use by athletes while designing the Zik Sport headset.

Parrot has not yet disclosed the pricing of this cool headset, but we guess it will be $400 up, as it was the case for its previous headsets. It is also expected to be in markets before the end of 2015. It will be featured in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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