Behold Her! Mercedes-Benz Reveals Autonomous Luxury Car Concept at CES 2015

January 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Autonomous vehicles have been pivoted as the talking point for the twenty first century. Major names in automotive and technological fields have indeed set the pedals in motion for that.

Of all, Google’s recently announced two-seated prototype and has already raced ahead. But here’s a stiff competition for Google now, and that too from giants in the automotive industry.

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new concept that ropes the autonomous driving feature into its car. But unlike Google’s goofy model, the German manufacturers have put their vision towards several years from now.

Probably that’s why the newly revealed model sports a design that one might have pictured only within their 2050-world concept. Mercedes’ vision is something that falls along those lines.


Announced at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, the F 015 Luxury in Motion is a “visionary concept” car, as touted by the manufacturer. Probably the vision is on a driving approach that would be embraced twenty or thirty years from now; foreseen as the time in which people would barely give a thought for spending time for driving..

Dieter Zietsche, head of Mercedes-Benz cars, stated in his keynote that the autonomous model would not just be aiming to travel between two points, but also to add life to a living space inside it. And as always from Mercedes, the weightage will be on redefining the luxury aspects.

The F 015 automotive is much similar to the visionary Future Truck 2025 concept of the manufacturers, with a row of LED lights filling the front and back space that lights the road. The blue LEDs will turn white when you gain access to driving from the automated system.

Talking of its interiors, Mercedes is on a mission to leave no stone unturned to make it the state of the art piece in vehicles when it rolls out. No longer would the side windshields be used to have a gasp of the outside world, as car glasses will turn out to be touch-screen controlled displays screens.


They won’t be forgetting to induce gesture controls either. 360 degree spinning chairs will let you carry out the face to face talk with rear seat passengers, alongside tilting the seating adjustment by up to 30 degree when the door is opened.

Mercedes self driving car was first put on test back in 2012, during which they managed to hit speeds of up to 60 miles with autonomous driving. They may be showing up for more of those in the coming years across the streets of California where they have acquired the permit to do so.

But certainly Mercedes won’t be rushing things. Google’s self driving cars are on a rush to hit the streets, but have certainly raised the standards that comply with the current day requirements. But for stepping the foot into the future, it certainly may take the time as in the case of Mercedes.

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