Curtains to Go Up on 2015 Edition of Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday

January 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s just less than a day for the curtains to go up for the largest electronics show in this world. Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will be opening on Tuesday at Las Vegas and as was with the previous years, high attendance figures are expected this time too for witnessing the debut of some cool new stuff in the tech world.

In the era of the smart devices, it looks like there would be no shortage for gaudy gadgets that would make minds go crazy.

Of them, standing out in the list to be innovative is from the segments of televisions, drones, home automation systems and the like.


LG, Samsung, HP are all in the play for unveiling their new 4K Ultra HD TVs, the ones that would also be coming with organic LEDs. While they would spur manufacturers to position their new TVs to compete with each other, 4K TVs are however not holding high interest among consumers according to some.

This could because of the marginal betterment results when viewed from normal angles. But that never slows down the pace in which manufacturers are running behind the technology.

Smartphones, multimedia devices and wearable tech also hold a major share of interest among the consumers, although with no striking feature to be expected in these devices this time around.

That could be seen as an after effect of the assumption that much of the products making their debut in the CES have often failed to make their way into the public domain.

CES has indeed spawned a wide array of innovative stuff that have turned around the lives of people in the modern world. VCRs, HDTVs, Xbox, Blu-Ray players, DVDs, Android devices and more have  made their entry at different points of time at this annual giant trade expo.

There has been no shortage in the interest either. While around 140,000 people made their presence back in 2011, the 2014 trade event hit a record high attendance figure of 160,498.

Also witnessed was a rise in the exhibitors from 51,236 in 2011 to 52,326 in the last year. This year, the numbers sure can be expected to go sky-high.

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