Samsung VR Headset Now Brings To You a 360 Degree Viewing Experience

January 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Until Samsung set foot on the virtual reality headset tech territory, the field had been witnessing only sluggish developments. Oculus Rift had been the sole contender in the arena. But then came Samsung VR alongside its Note range of smartphones and since then, VR headsets have been on a rapid race to come out with the best.

It now seems like Samsung is leading the race well ahead of its rivals. Vowing to release new VR compatible apps on a weekly basis, Samsung has added a new app that can take you through 360 degree videos in the Gear VR headset.

Around 20 videos have now been made available on this website, which can be downloaded or streamed for a 360 degree viewing experience with the Samsung VR headsets.


The list is limited as of now, with only travel-related videos made available. But that’s surely to expand as users seem to be having a good time with the app and its videos.

There is also provision for users to upload content for the app. 360 degree spherical videos can be uploaded by users, keeping in mind the requirements for popping up their self-made videos.

While it was Oculus who had laid the first stone in VR technology, Samsung has been taking some giant leaps since its entry. With the former yet to come up with a consumer-oriented product other than the beta ones, Samsung has made their Gear VR headset available in limited quantities, alongside the Galaxy Note 4.

Google has also entered the field with its Cardboard initiative, which is billed as the cheapest VR headset. However, Google’s effort is just to pull the masses towards the far outlines of what VR headsets can deliver.

However, they have been pushing the limits with VR dedicated updates for apps like Google Maps. With the kind of support and features that is offered, the $200-priced Samsung VR headset is clearly the best in the business as of now. What do you feel?

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