Apple Patent for Smart Stylus Granted; Look Forward to an Amazing Accessory

January 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like Apple is toeing the Samsung line. Rumors of an iPhone 6S Mini have dropped interesting hints about a possible new stylus from Apple. If what we hear is true, Apple might well be inviting much discussion on its plan to think on Sammy’s lines when it comes to a stylus.

But that doesn’t explain the entire story. The name stylus may be well hitting our minds with the images of the Galaxy Note, but once the new pen-device from Apple makes its debut, Samsung’s Stylus legacy may be well left behind.

What the new Stylus pen from Apple would be bringing in would be much stuff beyond what the current-day digital pens might have brought unto you.

Apple smartpen

Apple’s stylus will be reportedly packing accelerometers, wireless communication sensors and on-board storage for enhancing the smart pen usage for the users.

And, what all these would bring collectively would be real-time transmission of data to be displayed on your phone screen. That means, you may not be required to touch the tip of the stylus to your smartphone screen anymore.

Swing these Stylus in the air and Apple devices might be showing you a pattern you have just scribbled. Eventually, you could draw with the stylus on anything, from boards to papers or rocks or covers and Apple will display the stuff right on your display. Plans are also on to fill the devices with ink or graphite to leave the trails if required on papers or anything you wish.

Apple smartpen1

Apple’s patent for this new smart stylus was filed back in 2010, but has been kept pending for four years. The patent was finally granted this Tuesday but no word is yet out on when the tech giant will be pulling it out of the box so as the public would get access to it.

Currently, Stylus pens have solely been associated with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Rivals LG are also in the run to compete with Samsung with a possible G Pen, rumored to be a standalone stylus for its smartphones. But for now, all eyes are on what Apple would probably bring in.

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