Microsoft Ditches Production of Kinect Version 1.0 Sensors; Sales to Cease Soon

January 1, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In a measure to shift focus to the newer version of Kinect, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be manufacturing the sensors for the original Kinect for Windows. Plans are to eventually phase out the original version by 2015.

A new blog post from the company has spelt out the announcement and has also explained Microsoft’s vision for their new journey with the Kinect for Windows version 2.0.

The announcement says that further units of the original version won’t be manufactured and sales of the original version will be ceased soon after the current units run out of stock.

kinect 1

Microsoft released the Kinect for Windows back in 2012, fifteen months since it made its entry to the digital world. The motion sensing devices was launched with a vision for broadening the company’s gaming services and did well be providing a gesture-controlled interface with the consoles and PCs, easing out the requirements of keyboards, mouse and gamepads.

Version 2.0 of the Kinect for Windows sensors was shipped to the public in October, 2014. Microsoft also released the software development kit (SDK 2.0) for the motion sensors that let users to work on Kinecting apps through coding software, and also to publish them on Windows Store.


Version 2.0 embraces a whole array of novel features, which include enhanced body tracking, greater depth fidelity, full 1080p high-definition video, new active infrared capabilities, and an expanded field of view.

Microsoft has also acknowledged the demands of business customers for the original sensors and SDK. Such customers can contact Microsoft as they have ensured to carry out the best for meeting with the requirements, however implying that the termination of the manufacture won’t be open to second thoughts.

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