Vasundhara Kashyap private images leaked online [photos]

December 31, 2014, By M Sohini

Vasundhara Kashyap, the South Indian Tamil actress, was forced to shut down her Instagram account after images of her with her boyfriend were leaked online.

What were supposedly private selfies are now doing the rounds of the Internet. Most of these 8 – 10 photos show her in skimpy clothes with her boyfriend.

It has been said that the actress’ account on Instagram has been hacked which led to this leak. There is also news that there may be a video of her with her boyfriend which has been leaked online as well. This boyfriend has been spotted with the actress a couple of times while attending some public events with her.

The talented actress made her debut in “Vattaram” as a side actress with Arya in the lead. This released in the year 2006 post which there was no looking back for her.

Vasundhara Kashyap leaked

She went on to act in movies like “Kaalaipani”, “Peraanmai” and “Jeyamkoondan”. She has acted in about 10 movies so far and has been awarded the title of the “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in the movie “Thenmerku Paruvakattru”.

She has been last seen in her performance in the movie “Chithirayil Nilachuru” back in 2013. But it has all been going downhill from there as there have been reports that she isn’t getting offers to act in a movie.

There are some in the public who feel sorry for what the actress is going through since the leak but there is also a section of the public which thinks that all of this is nothing but a gimmick that has been purposefully played out to gain some attention.

Vasundhara Kashyap

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