Happy New Year: Here’s a List of New Year Resolution Apps that May Come in Handy

December 31, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all certainly know what we are going to hear the most as the year winds to a close.  New Year Resolution. Yes, that’s what.

Arriving with greater life expectancy and spanning for maybe a day, or week, New Year Resolutions are more than just fun. Even with technology letting humanity to take giant leaps, we still find it hard to stick to our resolutions for at least a modest duration.

But maybe we just wouldn’t have been seeking the right branches of technology for taking us through our ‘Mission New Year’ list. For those finding it tough to come up with a resolution this time or to follow it, you may just need to refer to your smartphones for guiding you through the same. Your device could even take you through a short fun ride of your resolutions.

Available in the market are a bunch of apps that are for those who see New Year Resolutions seriously. Well, some are to stick with your goals with time management, while the rest is to get you started with some cool and perky vows. Being listed here are three apps you could find handy.


The prime thing is to get you fixed with a New Year resolution. And if you are still pondering over the matter, skip the hurdles and seize the app named Lift. This one can surely escalate your mind to a worriless state.

Being handed to you are a handful of resolutions you could follow and if you are willing to shell out $15, you would also be guided by a personal mentor to guide you through the tasks via personal chatting.

The next app we have here is for those who have made a vow that you would be saving your time in the coming year. It may take quite a time to sort out an answer as to where your time is flushed of on a routine day. But with Workflow app in your smartphone device, you could certainly bring back the flow to your lives by saving some precious little time.

Workflow is an app to help you get out of the menace of swapping through the various apps when multitasking. This app can bring in a major share of tasks under one roof, with minimal switches and swaps.  Alongside, it offers other perky stuffs too, like URL shortening, shortcut creations and the like.

Finally, here’s an app that essentially proves to be a must-have for all. Hours will let you track time spent on achieving your preset goals. Working like any other routine-activity tracking app, Hours lets you note down the stuff you have carried out for the day and will come up with the handy result to motivate you at the end of the day.

This app is available for download at the Apple Stores for $5. Not a costly affair for something that can persuade you to pursue your goals every day.

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