Gmail Services Hit Great Firewall; China Blocks Third-Party Usage

December 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s issues with their services in China are now creeping up to the peak, as the country’s authorities have now imposed a check on third-party usage of Gmail services.

With third-party apps remaining the sole source for Gmail access in the nation, wide agitation has been ignited among users from the homeland as well as foreigners.

The blocking of third-party app services began on Friday and users are finding it impossible to access Google’s Mail services through the apps like Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook.


With these the only way of accessing Gmail services after earlier bans and blocks that wiped out the direct access of Gmail, China is now heading for a complete wipe-out of Gmail services, which however, are vastly accessed within the nation by its citizens as well as foreigners.

Third party services grant Gmail access by evading the Chinese Internet censorship controls, or the Great Firewall. But with the new blocking of these services, Google’s Gmail usage in China has been dropping considerably. Google data reveals that Gmail server access from the mainland of China was even dropping to zero in the recent days.

Google’s mail services now appear to be the sole targeted mail service by the authorities as Yahoo, Microsoft are still accessible for users across China. However, there had been previous blocks on social networking giants Facebook, and photo micro-blogging site Instagram.

Google has managed to push their app-store services to China with Play Store being recently opened for Chinese developers. However, services like Gmail and Google Search have been in trouble with authorities urging for censored display of search results.

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