Kodak Heading for Smartphone Arena with Prime Android Phone Next Month

December 29, 2014, By Daniel Rapcencu

There have been plenty of try-outs from smartphone manufacturers in the digital photography world, which include the likes of even the giants like Samsung.

But now it’s like things are being placed upside down as the big fish from the imagery industry are slowly trying to get their act right on the smartphone terrain.

Kodak, a leading name in the photographic solutions arena, is now expanding their market by laying foot on the mobile and tablet industry. The American company has announced that an Android smartphone will be launched under their brand name at the coming Consumer Electronics Show in 2015.


A range of Android devices that don’t drop focus on design and UI are what Kodak plans to bring in during the next year.

Their initiative would get kickstarted with the smartphone that would debut at the CES 2015, and then it would be followed by a 4G smartphone, tablet and a connected camera in the latter half of the year.

The Android smartphone from Kodak will be launched with an eye on the high-end segment with even broader features and supports.

That would include the advanced remote management software, bespoke image capture, share and other dedicated imagery features and much more, which will be revealed when it uncovers itself in two weeks.

Kodak is entering into the smartphone and tablet industry by joining hands with Bullitt Group, electronic design and manufacturing company based in the UK.

Keeping the legacy of the brand in mind, Bullitt Group have said that the smartphone has been designed for Kodak with focus on maintaining the company’s long-running heritage, so as to let users capture visually stunning imageries with on-touch access for editing, sharing, storing and printing.

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