Apple Rumored to be Looking Back at 4-inch Screens with Upcoming iPhone 6s Mini

December 27, 2014, By Alex Badinici

Apple has never faded away from the news headlines. The latest is that the Cupertino based company is on schedule to launch a 4-inch smartphone by next year. We get to hear that the new device will be called iPhone 6S Mini.

Looking deeper into the source of the news, it is revealed that the new piece of info is part of a rumor that is flying around.

And, the grapevine buzz seems to have been triggered by Timothy Arcuri, the same man who had revealed some of the iPhone 6 specs before the world much before Tim Cook made the announcement.


However, his guesses are not to be followed fully, as he had in the past come up with some faulty assumptions in the case of iPhone 6 Plus.

With low-cost specs and features as compared with the flagship smartphones, the iPhone 6S Mini is expected to replace the iPhone 5Cs from market and will be packing in the specs of an iPhone 5S.

A cheaper Qualcomm processor is also being billed as finding its space in the Apple device to keep the pricing intact. However, the design has been altered a bit and has been kept similar to the iPhone 6 with curved screen edges.

Apple had seen a loss of love from a section of its fans when devices that embraced large screen displays came out. With the new 4-inch smartphone on the cards, Apple has made it crystal clear that it is not yet willing to risk the drifting away of fans, who had seen the larger screen on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as an unpleasant feature.

Apple’s iPhone 6S Mini plans was revealed first by Apple Insider, but they haven’t given a specific word of when the covers would go off the new compact smartphone. However, we need to expect things to move fast so that a launch happens early next year.

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