Google Lets You Search for Song Lyrics from its Search Bar

December 26, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has updated its search option services, thereby lending a helping hand to music fanatics all over the globe.

The search bar will now pop-up the full song lyrics in a manner so that you won’t have to scroll through the websites for singing along with your favorite tracks.

The new lyrics search will let you run your eyes through the lyrics right in the search results. That’s similar to the way in which we find Google helpful in converting the metric units to the imperial ones, or US dollars to Euros.


Google will now be displaying the lyrics of some popular tracks when users make their query for the same. But we are not quite sure as to how long or to how extent the new search will be up for trials.

The new lyrics search is supposed to be a result of the Google Knowledge Graph, which has been induced to the world’s most popular search engine back in 2012.

Google has not yet disclosed whether the new feature has been integrated as part of any temporary test.  We suggest you need to make sure you check out the new feature before Google takes off the feature from its search bar.

Google’s new effort is not novel for a search engine and a similar feature has previously been witnessed in the Bing search engine services from Microsoft. However, Google has laid out its vision on a different track, and that’s to promote the Google Playstore with the new lyrics search.

That’s exactly why the new lyrics search will display lyrics of only those songs that have been previously recorded in Google’s app store, and that too not the full version.

Users would be guided to the app store page for availing the full lyrics of the song. The lyrics search can be now availed by the users of North America only, and for those songs that have been listed as ‘popular’, meaning the ones linked with the Playstore.

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