Google Coming up with a Standalone Android OS for Automotives

December 24, 2014, By Daniel Rapcencu

Taking its Android OS beyond smartphones and tablets, Google has come up with Android Auto. But news is that Google wants to push the OS even further by making it a standalone OS in automotives.

Reuters reports that Google is working on a dedicated Android OS for automotives. Google has already stepped on to automotive field with the Android Auto program that hands the media remote of your automotive to Android. But it involves certain inconveniences, one being the requirement of a smartphone being plugged in to make it operational. But Google is now in the process of doing away with that requirement.

Google’s visionary OS could work well without an Android smartphone as it is supposed to work standalone bringing the entire hardware and automotive data under one hood. Which means you might have the Android welcoming you as soon as you start the ignition. While being ambitious, Google’s dream may yet face some stumbling blocks before it turns into reality.

google autoPrime concern of its feasibility hovers around obtaining licenses from manufacturers, who may not want to provide access to the in-car components. Around a dozen companies have given the nod for Google Auto which includes Hyundai, Nissan and General Motors.

But that doesn’t mean they would comply with the stand-alone OS from Google.  It may also require efforts from Google to make the OS appear distinct from what is offered in other automotives. Manufacturers would certainly not want their automotive OS to appear similar to that of their rivals.

The next concern lies in bringing up a more reliable and centralized OS for the automotives, unlike the current Android Auto, which may take a few seconds to get started. That’s not ideal when the OS is given access to even more data by the automotive.

But one could assume that Google would continue to strive hard because it’s none other than its arch nemesis that’s competing with them in the automotive field.

While Google’s Android Auto is to go live next year with a debut expected during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, Apple too has similar plans with their CarPlay project. But Google could well be ahead in the race if the manufacturers give the nod for their new integrated OS.

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