Firefox Smartphone Comes with a Transparent Casing; Set for Debut in Japan

December 24, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mozilla had its smartphone run across 29 countries with 16 smartphones running the Firefox OS. But it was something else that was running through their minds while making its entry to Japan.

Bringing something new to the Japan market, and even to the world is what the company seems to have thought about. And it’s the transparent casing that has turned out to be the end result.

Fx0 is the new smartphone from Mozilla that will be running Firefox OS and will also be the first Firefox smartphone to land in Japan. The device was announced on Tuesday by KDDI, the telecom giants in Japan, and will be commencing its sales on the Christmas day.


Having made its mark with an extreme low budget smartphones for the emerging markets, Mozilla has broadly shifted the game plan upon entering the developed markets of Japan. The Fx0 is not a cheap affair and also packs some decent specs, certainly far higher than of its forerunners.

With a 4.7 inch display glued to its front, the Fx0 smartphone runs a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and offers a decent battery performance with the 2,370 mAh.

It also offers LTE and NFC connectivity, which makes it the first Firefox OS running smartphone to embrace these technologies. However it’s the beige transparent casing of the phone that makes it unique among the rest, even among the entire smartphone world.


Tokujin Yoshioka is the man behind the transparent design, which has been designed not just to embrace uniqueness, but also to comply with Mozilla’s values.

The manufacturer says that the open design portrays the openness, freedom and transparency held by the Firefox OS.

Mozilla’s Fx0 will be up for sales in Japan on December 25 and is priced at $420 (50,000 yen) in the market. However, no word has yet been given on whether the new smartphone will be commencing its sales outside Japan.

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