Google’s Fully Functional Self-Driving Car to Take a Test Spin, this New Year

December 23, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

From the four-seated Toyota Prius sedan to a fizzy delicate two-seater; that’s Google endeavor with their self-driving car concept.

Just a week ahead of the New Year, Google has unveiled its fully functional prototype of the self-driving car, which could be soon guiding you along the busy streets on its own.

The new prototype is, as revealed by the tech giants, the fully functional prototype of its self-driving concept unlike the earlier ones.

Though resembling the prototype revealed back in May, Google has now equipped the model with all that’s required to make a run through the streets. However, it still awaits government approval for being driven through the main city roads.

Google self driving car1

Google plans to test its new prototype vehicle on the roads of Bay Area this New Year. Though not being the lone racer in the autonomous vehicle field, Google is leading the race by far with massive investment, alongside being the sole company to dedicate a prototype for autonomous driving.

Unlike other companies like Nissan and Mercedes, Google has designed the prototype specifically for the self-driving technique, rather than adapting the concept to previously designed models and vehicles. And the company does believe the very own design to bring a friendly and harmless belief in the minds of people.

Google has been on track to bring out the self-driving automotive to public roads by 2017 and has acquired clearances from much of the Bay Area cities as of now. Efforts are on to curb human errors, which have been cited as a major contributor to fatal accidents and casualties on the city roads.

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