Explore Street View with Your Google Cardboard VR Headset that Comes with the New Maps Update

December 22, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Virtual Reality headsets are still to enter a full flight mode, and can be expected to be costly innovations once they do.

But ever since Google stepped in to the field with its Cardboard initiative, the VR Headset has become a handy piece for all and now there is even more to cherish if you are looking for a cheaper option from the search behemoth.

Google Maps has now got its Street View update that would take you around the globe via your smartphones, and the best part is that it has been designed keeping the Cardboard users in mind.

Street-view- on Google-Cardboard

The new Street View feature will let you roam through the cities with the help of  your Cardboard VR headset by simply tapping the Look Around icon that comes along with the new update.

Users would have to update their Google Cardboard app as well as the Google Maps app to get access to the stereoscopic imagery on your VR headset. On tapping the new icon, the app will enter into the Google Cardboard View, which would let users to have 360 degree imageries on a full swing in their VR headset.

And that’s not it. There is also now an updated page at the Google PlayStore that packs in a wide range of apps, which are compatible with Google Cardboard.

Some of the apps dedicated to its page include The Hobbit VR Experience, Rocket Drop, Sisters, Lapso, War of Worlds VR and the like, which have been specifically designed to usher in a gaming or a visual experience in the Cardboard VR headset.


If you would recall, Google had launched the Cardboard initiative back in summer and lets users build their own VR headset with pieces of cardboard, magnets, lenses, rubber bands and more.

Users could go through the detailed instruction listed in the tech-giant’s website to come up with an indigenously created VR headset of their own.

Google also offers a list of pre-made VR headset in their website like DODOcase, I Am Cardboard, Unofficial Cardboard and Knox Labs.

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