ENDUI App Can Help in Detecting and Reporting Drunken Driving

December 20, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Maryland Highway Safety Office is trying to curb incidents of drunk driving by stepping on to the smartphone platform.

ENDUI (End Driving Under Influence), the new app designed by Maryland, will detect alcohol levels of people by just the input of necessary details.

The blood-alcohol estimator, which has been intended for educational purposes, will calculate the alcohol levels of a user to find out whether it’s above the limits set by Maryland.

Users are asked to enter details like weight and gender, number and type of drinks along with the time of consumption, etc to detect the alcohol level in blood.


The app will pop up advisory messages for drivers if they fall above the specified limit of 0.08. Say you have an estimated blood level of 0.10 as per the inputs given, the app will then display messages like “your designated driver” or “Get a cab”.

A red button in the app will also let users connect to 911 services for reporting a drunk driver alongside providing list of similar drivers reported by users, cab finder, DUI facts, and the like.

The app was developed by Maryland Highway Safety Office at a cost of $50,215 and was funded by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It also offers two games for testing the level of soberness by checking your reaction time and level of concentration. One asks the user tap a red brake button upon approaching objects in the way, while the other requests him to go through a set of road signs.

The app has been made available for Android. Similar apps have also been developed by authorities concerned from the cities of New York, California, New Mexico and Colorado.

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