WhatsApp Latest Update Could Usher in a PC Version   

December 17, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

While we all expect the next big move from WhatsApp to be the voice call feature, men behind the instant messenger app are thinking about taking a different route.

If the recent rumor turns out to be genuine, you could be swapping messages and files on WhatsApp through PC in the near future.

It’s the recent update of WhatsApp that has let slip hints of an upcoming PC version for the world’s favorite mobile IM app. References to a web variant suggests that a web client of the app is on cards.


The codes in the new update cited referrals to signing in through PC, tracking user statuses online.

It’s interesting to note that the matter was first pulled out of the shadows by Pavel Durov, co-founder of Telegram, a rival messaging app on mobile platforms. He disclosed the inclusion of ‘WhatsApp Web’ references at multiple points in the code.

WhatsApp on PC has indeed been a soaring demand from users, with rival apps and other social networking apps already having crossed the barriers in multi-platform usage. Apps like Viber, Telegram, WeChat and Line, which run on similar terms, have now given its users access from PC.


With that said, it doesn’t seem foolish at all to assume that the Facebook-parented app has entertained similar thoughts.

Third-party apps and websites that allow WhatsApp usage through PC are not scarce, but many of the users have been keeping away from these methods due to either lack of trust in the third-party clients or the strenuous process they have to undergo.

An official means would only encourage further users to enter the WhatsApp circle, which already has 600 million active users.

However, WhatsApp is yet to comment on any speculations as of now. And even in case WhatsApp has given the matter a thought, we may be standing months away from a PC version. Unitl then, rumors will keep floating around.

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