Maps 3D Pro Will Not Just Take You Through the Routes, But Through Unknown Terrain Too by Rendering 3D Images

December 12, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Navigation is not a great concern in the modern world with GPS and GPS-based apps on smartphones taking you anywhere you desire.

But the concern arises when you are unaware of the terrain of places on the map. It may seem trivial for normal travelers, but hikers, cyclists, skiers, etc may depend more on these factors than route guidance.

Coming handy to these people is an app called Map 3D Pro, which stimulates 2D and 3D terrains of the place you search for. Areas can be searched for from the generic view that displays the places, after which views of up to 11 types could be selected to get to know the terrain of that area.


The map types include 3D topographic maps, satellite views, Open Street Maps, USGS and many more.

maps3d_2These map types come in the downloadable form, which means you may not have to wander for network when checking the map at some later point.

Waypoints can be set for the route you prefer or as described in the map and with the GPS on in your device, distance travelled on the current route, average speed at which you are moving, altitude of your current position, etc are measured.

It also integrates with further services for loading and sharing your trips.

While your trips can be loaded through iTunes, EveryTrail, URL or Dropbox services, users could also record their position and routes to share it via social media network.

Maps 3D Pro is now available in the updated 4.0 version across iTunes store and has an initial charge of $4.99 for download.

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