Stick Node App on iOS is the Best Way to Stimulate Frisky Animations with Stick Figures

December 10, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You may not be required to run through the nerves of animation to create some finer moments of a stick man as long as you have the Stick Nodes in your iOS devices.

Probably it is one of the coolest ways to get a figure to sway to you tunes from the iOS devices.

Users could have some fun using GIFs that deal with stick figure, which can be heavily modified as you wish. Say you want to have a cute little stick puppy; all you may require to do is to run through some fine tunings of stick shape, color, and segment thickness. Animations are imparted on the nodes you make for each clip, which gets merged as a GIF file.


Users could have access to multiple stick figures on single frames. The best part is the absence of any hardware issues while being exported to GIF formats, credit to the app makers for the inclusion of frame-tweening within the app.

Intermediate animations are triggered with this feature that lets the end-product comprise of finer and smoother animations.

The new version of this fun app also allows users to export the animations to MP4 files. The frame-tweening option could also be turned off by users within the app.

The app itself recommends the use of large screen devices as minor issues prevail when run on small screen devices, one of them being the button tap issue.  But that doesn’t stop the app from becoming the perkiest app that delivers smooth-scale animations on your smartphones. Version 1.2.3  of the Stick Nodes app could now be downloaded from iTunes for iOS devices running version 6.0 or above.

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