Somabar Cocktail Vending Machine will Fix You the Desired Mix in 5 Seconds

December 8, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sipping cocktail may soothe you. But have you ever thought how tough it could get when you’ve got to prepare it yourself? That’s like keeping your nose to the grindstone if you are not blessed with the expertise.

But here’s a little chap that’s now offering to help you serve your favorite cocktails in a matter of seconds.

Somabar is bringing to you the robotic bartending machine to meet the demands of a cocktail vending machine. Once done with all the mix you need, just push the button and sit back.

Oh wait, don’t sit back; because you will be handed with the cocktail you ordered within just five seconds.


Now here comes the next perky stuff. These personal bartenders could be controlled with smartphones.

An app that works towards this end will take users through the recipe, strength and other stuff and then you push the button on the app itself to blend the final drink. 

Inside this robotic cocktail blender are pods and safes for filling the ingredients. Liqueurs, bitters and other ingredients could be stored on Soma pods, which are placed on either sides of the machine. Internal flushing system will be put on each time you call for a drink. 


Just before you make the final decision to bring your personal bartender home, be reminded that Somabar cocktail machines have not yet arrived in physical stores.

It’s currently part of a campaign running on Kickstarter , where early backers can bring the device home for $399, once when it starts shipping in July next year. 


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