Pacifi is the Smart Bluetooth Baby Pacifier that Records Your Infants’ Body Temperature

December 5, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pacifiers are meant to be baby stuff, but not the one from BlueMaestro. Called Pacifi, this new smart pacifier will inform you of your infants’ body temperature, alongside a bit of other data.

Well that’s what a thermometer does, right? So why brand it with the smart tag? Firstly, you needn’t worry about checking temperature at frequent intervals.

Next, Pacifi alerts you about your infants’ body temperature on apps that can be installed on Android and iOS devices; which means, you get an even protracted data form, rather than just checking the body temperature of your babies.


Pacifi can be used to set up alerts and reminders in your smartphones for your baby’s routine checkups or medication and also lets you scribble down the same in the app.

You could also keep track of your baby as these pacifiers are built with proximity sensors. It can be used to alert you whenever the baby wanders beyond a distance, which can be specified in the app.

In-built sensors fitted in the silicon teats are the ones that record and transmit temperature to your smartphone app via Bluetooth. Temperatures are plotted along graph on the app, along with indications of the time for which temperature remained the most apt.


A buzzer alarm is packed in the pacifier so as to make it beep in case you misplace the device, which is quite common, by means of simple touches in the app. Battery life for this smart baby pacifier is claimed to be around one year as it is built with low-energy chips.

Pacifi is now on stores at the BlueMaestro website for $40.

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