Google’s New Patent Reveals a Leaner Design for the Next Version of its Eyewear

December 5, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s eyewear venture has not taken the flight it had eyed. Criticism flowed in from everywhere about its design as well as the rather hefty price tag. Efforts since then were to make the device more alluring when it reappears with the next edition.

A whole pack of patent awards were granted for Google in its design, with plans for using the same in the version 2.0 Google Glass. The latest of these turns out to be far more appealing than the rest, suggesting that the device would have a delightful makeover.

The new patent for its design was awarded to Google on Tuesday and the design now looks to go through a curvy path. The new design tends to be slimmer and curvier than the latest Google Glass Explorer edition, assuring that it will cause lesser inconvenience than the current design.


Google has also opted to ease out the casing that hanged over the left ear and has shrunken the front casing with a smaller design.

The odds are that Google’s new device will be launched next year. Google aims pull the device out of its evolving stages and take it closer to the mass. This explains Google’s association with brands like Oakley and Luxottica.

It’s also unclear of whether Google will be bringing down the price for its next model, which seems inevitable considering the position of Google Glass among the larger section.

The price tag of $1500 for its model launched back in 2013 proved to be a major source for criticism last time. And unless they lower the price, Google Glass may still remain unappealing to the mass even with its slim design.

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