Sony Opts for Crowd-Funding as Platform for new e-Ink Watch Launch

December 4, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Floating in the midst of all those tech news this week were rumors of the new Sony e-ink watches. One would have expected the launch to be a grand affair as always, but it didn’t quite happen the way we all expected. In fact the big player in tech industry made the move even before we had heard of it.

Sony’s new e-ink watch, termed the FES, has made one of the most bizarre launches in its history — by making a quiet entry into a crowd-funding website in Japan. Let’s make the point clear before you run into some assumptions about the need for a crowd-funding.

It was not for raising funds that Sony’s watch was pushed into Makuake, the crowd-funding website in Japan. The product was introduced in September to test its feasibility in the market.

sony watch

Sony is not using its logo and branding during the running period on the website. And it seems the efforts are now paying off. With a goal set at $8,500, FES has managed to raise around $20,000, which indicates the rise in interest for its e-ink watch.

FES features the e-ink display even on the straps, so as to make a tally of around 24 altering design patterns while in use. The watches keep ticking for up to 60 days on a single run of the battery.

It is however unclear whether the device will be entering mass-scale production as Sony is yet to give out an official statement. Early backers could wrap the FES once shipping commences by May 2015.

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