Your Personal Robot Cameraperson Now Turns Niftier with the Arrival of Soloshot 2

December 3, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Soloshot, as the name implies, has helped many in capturing their own videos without the help of a videographer. Now the Robot cameraman has got a glaring facelift with Soloshot 2 adding some distinct features.

The device, for those still wondering, is the linkage that bonds your camera and tripod to its base. The function is to turn the camera as you desire. It has been highly useful for those seeking to capture videos of action-packed activities like surfing, skiing, etc.

Soloshot 2 works the exact way its predecessor does. You have the base that you lock with your tripods and wearable tag which serves as the transmitter. Videos are captured by tracking the motion of these tags, which could be tied on your wrists. Soloshot 2 now brings an improved tag which helps control your video capture.


With a camera module that could be fitted on the dock in base, videos could now be captured by simple clicks on the tag buttons. That includes starting or stopping the capture, highlighting points in the video for later sessions with editing, zoom control, etc.

A new tilt feature has also been induced to the base for capturing your motion better. The base could now tilt cameras up to 150 degrees at 35 degrees per second while the motion remains the same in the 360 degree rotation with turning speeds of 80 degrees per second.

You could also track multiple tags now with the Soloshot 2. One could set the base for locking on to the nearest tag, swiftest tag or on the basis of the “call camera” command sent out from the tag. The same applies in the reverse scenario where multiple cameras could be controlled via multiple bases for capturing the videos of motion from a single tag.


The base runs for eight hours on a single charge while the tag would carry out the transmission for four hours on a single charge. It could also lock on to a tag for up to distances not more than 2000 feet.

Soloshot 2 is now available for a starting price of $399, which will hand you a single unit of a base and a tag. Extra units of base and tag could be purchased at $249 and $149 respectively, while the additional camera control module is priced at $99. There are also a bunch of optional accessories to work along with Soloshot 2 like the tripod stand, armband, wristband, camcorders, etc to name a few.

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