Facebook Could Well Be Joined Soon by WhatsApp in the Race for Subscription

December 3, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now we have a rival for the social networking mammoth from within its ménage. Facebook, the leading platform in social networking, has reached the one billion mark in user base and now WhatsApp is fast catching up with its parent firm.

Global Web Index (GWI) has brought out new a report that takes us through the highs and lows in user base for social networking apps. It suggests that Facebook is not out of harm’s way.

Various instant messengers are approaching the milestones laid down by it, but it’s a source of consolation that WhatsApp is leading the race among the rest.


With around 700 million users, the user base of WhatsApp is growing rapidly. It wouldn’t take much time for the instant messenger service to catch up with Facebook as smartphone consumption is never expected to deplete.

WhatsApp, however, is not at a safe distance from the rest. WeChat is also a fast-growing app that has of late been gaining high numbers.

That’s not the only worry for the largest social networking site though. Facebook’s trade has been witnessing a constant dip for the past two months and is now hovering around $77. It could fall deeper if effective steps are not taken.

Facebook’s own messenger service that has been dedicated for smartphone users followed the functioning of WhatsApp, but is yet to taste success. Splitting the message service from its app could be a reason why users are sticking to WhatsApp and WeChat .

The GWI survey covered around 42,000 people from Asia, including 5000 from India, a market where smartphones occupy a key space.

That alone could account for some hefty rise in instant messenger apps, which, in turn, may not be the case with Facebook which has multi-platform accessibility.

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