Support for FLAC Means Windows 10 Will be Bringing an Immense Upheaval in its Media Front

December 2, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Windows 10 has shown signs of a drastic makeover right from its early stages. Now joining the list of changes in the upcoming OS from Microsoft is a feature that would gladden not just audiophiles, but any music adherent.

The upcoming Windows will have a boost in the media front as news is that Windows 10 will have the support of FLAC format.

Unlike the MP3 formats, FLAC offers limited loss in audio quality when being ripped or recorded and the addition is sure to charm audio geeks.


It was a tweet by Gabriel Aul that promised this delightful addition to users next year.

Gabriel, who is the leader of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group’s Data and Fundamentals Team, has also posted a screenshot of the Media Player being queued with a list of FLAC files.

Keen eyed #WindowsInsiders will notice something cool about this pic. Something to look forward to in the new year!

The addition comes after the confirmation of MKV and HVEC support offered by Windows 10 back in October. Efforts are on to offer support for even more media files that would take media handling to a new level in Windows.

Microsoft is planning to discuss some developer specific info about its new OS at its Build Conference in April 2015. But we could expect some insight to be shed prior to that as hinted by Gabriel’s tweet.

There are also plans to release the Windows 10 preview for its larger group of users, unlike the technical preview that was released earlier.

Windows 10 will be rolling out its full form in the latter half of 2015. Features like improved multitasking, multiple desktops and touch interface update would make the OS more appealing than its predecessor. And the promised media expansion only reaffirms the view.

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