You Would Never Miss Your Favorite Account Videos with the New Feature on Vine

December 1, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Vine is certainly the best-loved app of millions for uploading and sharing their favorite videos. But have there been any deficits when it comes to its mobile app?

There are some for sure, but most of them are being taken care of, the recent one being the ‘favorite’ option.

You would have wondered how to ensure that you don’t miss videos of accounts you find riveting. The new ‘favorite’ feature is the quick fix laid out by Vine.


Popping up along with the user accounts now will be a star-shaped icon which you would find in the upper-right space.

Tap the icon and you would never again miss the videos that are uploaded on the specified account. Videos uploaded from the user would be constantly displayed on your feeds and if that’s not enough, you would also be notified of the same whenever a new video is being put up by the user.

The update preferences and the favorite settings can be managed in the settings tab in the app. New features in the app are not surprising as more and more services have been flooding the video upload and sharing front.

Twitter recently announced plans of starting video edit features which would be hitting the social media platform next year. It is expected to work well along with Vine videos.

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