Add Wireless Technology to Your Christmas Tree with the New Aura LED Light Bulbs

November 26, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The holiday season is approaching and it’s time to look for decorative items to light up your house. The new Aura light bulbs, which use the latest technology, promise to brighten your Christmas.

When it comes to lighting, strand-free bulbs are sure to broaden our smiles. Aura LED bulbs work on wireless technology and they have also hooked in the smart age feature of smartphone app integration. Setting up your Christmas tree could never have been easier.

These wireless LED bulbs derive power from Aura Power Ring, which can be plugged to your wall sockets. The ring could be hung in your tree or even placed beneath if you wish to hide it.

aura bulb

These decorative lights, which come in the forms of frosted glass, crackle glass, and clear glass, can be controlled with a smartphone app installable on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

You could also schedule the time in which you want these bulbs to glow with simple touches in your app, which is connected with the bulbs over Wi-Fi.

If you have already thought of bringing home these lights for Christmas you are in for disappointment. Aura LED lights won’t be available this holiday season. It would be out only by October next year as the product is currently being crowd-funded in Kickstarter.

You could pledge for Aura at $65, which will hand you a pack of twelve wireless lights along with the ring. The pricing will go up by $5 when it reaches the full-scale production next year.

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