Stringer is a Music App for iOS Devices that Has Been Long Awaited by Shuffle Lovers

November 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, going by the definition, stringer is indeed something that strings. So does the new app for iOS, but it only deals with music in your iOS devices. To be more precise, Stringer is an app for those who often shuffle music.

Stringer is the app for shuffle lovers. It’s not that normal users won’t find it useful, but if you are into shuffling music, this app is the one you’ve been searching for.

Perhaps you want to add a song to the current playlist without altering the shuffle mode. Be it in iPhones or any other smartphone device, doing so has indeed been a hectic task. Bring the Stringer app to your device and yes you will have the problem rectified.


There is this thin string that is been associated with the tracks when opening the app (now you know why it’s called so!). All you have to do next to string your music is to swipe the string left or right to add your music to the ongoing shuffle.

Swiping left would list out the songs from the current album which can be added to be looped in the ongoing shuffle. Looking for some tunes from the previous played album? You will get that right too with stringer — just swipe down to add some tunes to the shuffle.

There are also some handy perks coming alongside the music string feature, one of it being the usage of album art to play/pause the track. One could also long hold on a track to skip it from the playback in future or to mark it as favorite.

Musicshuffle with shake, iTunes Match playback, lock screen prevent etc can also be used in the stringer which will bring in even more features if upgraded to the premium version for $4.99 via the in-app purchases.

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