Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s Take on Google Chromecast with Some Stirring Edge

November 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Media dongles for TVs are a good example of how fast the world of technology is surging ahead.

We witnessed a breakthrough in the set-top box section with the advent of Netflix and Hulu Plus and now those are accessible on your TV in a compact manner, even before the larger ones have flourished.

Joining the fray now is Amazon which brings in much more video streaming services through its new HDMI dongle.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is the compact version of its Fire TV set top box. The shrunken form does make certain sacrifices, like in the tech specs where the 1GB memory and dual-core processor is only half of what Fire TV provides.


Yet, Fire TV Stick can sure hold its own in a field which is now arguably being solely guided by Google Chromecast.

What Amazon offers through its Stick is almost the same that you can enjoy in your Fire TV. Stream the videos through Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube or other bunch of apps, or make the switch to play your smartphone games on a larger screen. And it’s worth the money as it comes for $40 a unit.

There is indeed some disparity when compared with its Google counterpart; prime among them being its interface. Amazon with its Fire TV Stick brings the interface onto your TV, which can be guided with the smartphone app, remote or the joypad. That’s not the case with Chromecast where you lay your eyes entirely on your smartphone, only to switch the view to your TV for the final view.


Then there is this power cable, which sees no place in Chromecast. You can still run your Fire TV Stick skipping the given power adapter, which will pop up initial warnings.

But it’s fair to use the adapter as Fire TV Stick is even more enhanced, offering 5GHz network and gaming. It costs nothing to provide the required power from where it desires rather than opting to feed it from the TV, though it may be menacing for some.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is now on backorders with new shipments to be available from January. The bundle will hand you the HDMI stick, a remote control with batteries, an HDMI extender, and the power adapter. You could also swap through the interface with the voice control remote available for Fire TV, which will cost you $29.

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