Next-Gen Batteries that Could Leave You Spellbound with Awesome Charging Features

November 24, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Be it your smartphone, gadgets, automotives or any other powered stuff, the major hiccup has been battery concerns. The worry has only increased in this smart age.

There have been traces of smartness, but none has been efficient enough to find its place in our favorite devices. Things may change in the coming year with a plethora of novel batteries being lined up to shatter the age-old features associated with batteries.

Innovations are aimed at quick charging, long-lasting and wireless charging which will free our minds from battery concerns. Some of these are in concept while some are on the horizon.


Let’s start with the uBeam battery that features new charging methods. It’s wireless and it’s ultrasonic. uBeam gets its juice from ultrasound, which is the mode of transmission of power to these batteries.

Yes, it does discharge power as required by your gadgets, but for receiving its own power, uBeam prefers the ultrasonic method.

Similar concepts are being used by researchers in the UK, which would prove even more viable if turned into reality.

A smartphone designed using the piezoelectric effect is being tested to find its source of power from the ambient noises around it. You could sure forget the worries of low juice alerts now when in concerts or at your local derby matches.

Another innovation yields juice from water dew — quite handy in misty mornings!

The mode of sources, however, may be the least of concerns for worrying minds. Developments are also aimed at expanding the life and cycle of batteries so as to take it on a long run.


Batteries for automotives, built on aluminum-air battery technology, can drive your cars for up to 1100 miles. Smartphone also finds technological innovation. Its lithium-ion battery uses sand that can hike battery life up to three times.

Speaking of the time required to juice up your devices, Shawn West has come up with a lithium ion capacitor in batteries that can charge up your devices in less than half a minute.

Another innovation, the Store Dot charger, can charge your existing batteries in the same time. While the former is being crowd-funded in KickStarter, the latter will be hitting the market by 2016. It is priced at £20.

There are plenty of other innovations to minimize the human worries with batteries, but some are too early to bear fruit. Nevertheless, we can be sure of witnessing some stupendous changes in the coming years.

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