Motorola Keylink Helps You Find Your Smartphones and Keys with Just the Push of a Button

November 22, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s an awkward situation we often find ourselves in — misplacing our phone or keys and searching endlessly!

You have the key beepers to assist you and now Motorola has come up with a new device that works simultaneously with your phones and keys.

Motorola Keylink 9   is the new device that lets you find your misplaced phones and keys with just the matter of a touch or push.

If you own a Moto X, Droid Turbo or Android L device you could get even more out of the same. Apart from finding your device, it also unlocks it without passwords if Keylink is in the vicinity. This will prevent your smartphone from being accessed by strangers.


The working stratagem is simple, just like you have it in other similar devices. Motorola Keylink uses the Bluetooth technology that establishes a connection between your smartphone and the device itself, which you could attach to your keys.

All you may want is the Motorola Connect app installed on your iOS or Android devices. With that checked, you could just push the button on your Keylink device to let out the beeping alert on your phone.

The action is reversed if you are looking for your lost keys. Tap the button on your Motorola Connect app and the Keylink would beep if the keys are within a distance of 100 feet.

It does come handy to a great extent, but make sure you don’t misplace your keys and smartphones together — Motorola hasn’t come up with a solution for that yet.

Motorola Keylink is now up for grabs at $24.99.The device is water resistant and comes with a battery that can run for up to a year.

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